A Ghanaian Kitchen: Pounding Fufu


Fufu, a staple of Ghanaian cuisine, is made by pounding together cassava and yams. The final consistency is something like playdough, and is balled up with your right hand and eaten with stew. There is no liquid added, which amazed me — it is just the pounding that makes the dough soft and edible. Below, […]

Rough Road to Paradise

It is easy, when traveling abroad, for certain poor decisions (let’s leave at 5 p.m. for Cape Coast from Kumasi), especially when combined with misinformation (“the trip is only two hours,” “you can catch a bus”) to transform into unknown scenarios (“just wait until the tro-tro is full,” “we’re leaving in maybe 30 min,” why […]

Kente Weaving in Bonwire


Walking into the Bonwire Kente Weaving Association center is like discovering the holy grail. Lining the walls from floor to ceiling are folded kente cloths with all variety of bright colors and different patterns, each one with its own proverbial meaning. “The wealthy make many friends,” says one in its patterns and colors. But your […]

Tolls and Schnapps


Our last day in Odeh was a chance to reflect on what we’ve seen and ways to stay involved. The needs in Aprade and Odeh are well defined with two great leaders at the helm, Nana Rokoto and Nana Ama. They want to create a space for orphans and elders without family to support one […]

Kings and Queens: Dancing with Royalty


I have studied royal court music and read about it in books, but I have never experienced the real deal in person. After driving around and greeting Nana Rokoto’s 103-year old father, the king of Nana Ama’s region, and many other folks, we headed to the heart of Nana Rokoto’s kingdom: his palace. They were […]

Black Star


From learning our Ghanian names (mine is Kweko since I was born on a Wednesday) to understanding how Ghanaians feel about colonization and independence from the United Kingdom in 1957, our education in Ghana is slowly evolving. The folks we have met feel that independence came prematurely. Because of this, Ghana has had a hard […]

Market Maze and Thunder


Once you enter Makola, the biggest market in Accra, it’s easy to lose all sense of time and space. It’s like Vegas, but full of culture and anything you might want, from food to hair weaves, watches, soap, and zippers. We navigated by holding on to our friends and guides, Ama and Delight. The mission […]

Feed Your Eyes


It’s a wonderful thing to step into a foreign airport in a foreign country, wonder what in the world is the next step, then hear a shout: “Chris!” and see the familiar face of Nana Rokoto greeting us with a smile. Nana is a comedian and a chief who lives in NYC but is here […]

Ghana Bound!


We are excited to be taking an adventure to see the root of the traditions we have been documenting for the past few years on Staten Island. We are headed to Ghana tomorrow evening with the help and support of our dear friends (and mentors) Samuel Owusu-Sekyere and Harold Akyeampong. We have been blessed with […]